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New Springville, Staten-island, 10307

New Springville is a neighborhood in Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of New York City, USA.

Located near the island's geographical center, the neighborhood was founded in 1680 as Karle's Neck Village. By the early 19th Century the community included a dock (on Richmond Creek) and several freshwater springs, leading to its being renamed first Springville, then later New Springville.

New Springville remained largely rural until 1964, when the E. J. Korvette department store chain opened an outlet on the site of a former chicken farm. This was followed, in 1973, by the opening of the Staten Island Mall on the grounds of what had been a little-used airport, which changed the character of the neighborhood completely; soon adjacent land was converted to business (mostly retail) use as well, and New Springville has emerged as a commercial and administrative core rivaling St. George. New Springville has also become a major public transportation hub, second in size on Staten Island only to that of the St. George ferry terminal; six city bus routes serve the area, including one going to Brooklyn, with the terminal at the Staten Island Mall on the Marsh Avenue side. The Yukon bus depot was opened in the early 1980s and can accommodate 380 buses.

The neighborhood is also known for its mafia presence. On September 11, 1989, mob-connected developer Fred Weiss was shot to death outside of his girlfriend's New Springville apartment building. Weiss was indicted, and out of fear that he would cooperate, Gambino crime family boss John Gotti ordered Weiss's murder, and delegated the work to the DeCavalcante crime family. The hit was carried out by James Gallo and Vincent Palermo. The murder would end up resulting in multiple convictions for members of both crime families.

In 1992, bar owner Michael Devine was shot to death in New Springville, allegedly on orders from Colombo family boss Alphonse Persico, because he had been carrying on a relationship with Persico's wife while Persico was imprisoned. In 2005, Gambino family capo Carmine Sciandra was shot outside of his Top Tomato supermarket store located in New Springville by a former NYPD officer who was in the presence of two Bonanno crime family gangsters.

Despite this, New Springville is among the more poorly served areas in all of Staten Island for public transportation, with de facto commuting curfews despite being part of a city renowned for 24 hour mass transit.

The Staten Island Ferry is 7 miles away. Public transportation to the Ferry is inadequate, with the closest Staten Island Rapid Transit train almost 4 miles away and buses that run infrequently after rush hour, often taking as long as 45 minutes to reach St. George and not always in sync with the boat schedule.

Express bus service is $10.00 round trip to Manhattan. X17, and X31 bus routes that service New Springville, end in the early evening. The last X17 from New Springville to Manhattan is at about 3:15pm on weekdays and the route is not run at all on Sundays, leaving the neighborhood completely cut off from Manhattan. ()

Staten Island in general, and New Springville specifically, have very little representation on the Board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York).

Until 1995, Staten Island had late night bus service on Richmond Avenue, on the S59 route.

In addition to its explosive development as a business district, New Springville also experienced massive residential growth during the latter third of the 20th Century, with thousands of single-family homes being built there, along with apartment and condominium complexes near the Staten Island Mall. () In recent years, a new educational complex has been under construction within these apartments and condominiums. Completed is P.S.58 (Space Shuttle Columbia School), an elementary school, and new intermediate and high schools are under construction.

New Springville is served by two public elementary schools, P.S.58 and P.S.69, and one intermediate school, I.S.72.

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